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Cost Reduction Experts

Just a sample of some of the organizations we have assisted in reducing their expenses and minimizing costs.

EcS+ is a woman-owned cost savings and efficiency specialist for corporations, non-profit organizations, and municipalities.  The cost savings negotiated on your behalf have a direct relationship to the contacts we have developed over the past 23 + years of being accomplished professionals in 7 market segments.

There is no downside risk or obligation to any of our clients. The double-digit savings we have saved our clients, has been the reason we have a 96% retention rate.

EcS+ is peerless, in that compensation is received through a unique vendor compensation structure. The compensation comes from the vendor side, thus bypassing the client.  Although EcS+'s income is derived from the vendor, EcS+ is non-exclusive in the use of vendors. EcS+ is completely agnostic, impartial and objective and does not advocate certain vendors over others.

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How We Are Different

Unlike all other expense reduction firms, EcS+ uniquely earns its compensation through a vendor-based structure, avoiding direct client charges. While the income originates from vendors, EcS+ maintains a non-exclusive, unbiased approach, ensuring impartiality and objectivity in vendor selection without favoring any particular ones.

  • You do not pay us a fee, retainer, or stipend.
  • We are not a consultant.
  • You do not hire, engage, or retain us.
  • You pay us nothing, but we give you double-digit monthly savings.
  • We do not take a percentage of your savings as compensation.
  • All of our work is free, off-site and non-obtrusive.

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Spend Areas

At ECS+, we're not just cost-saving consultants; we're your strategic partners in financial efficiency. With over 23+ years of experience, we've mastered the art of reducing operational costs for corporations, non-profits, and municipalities across 7 key areas:

1. Merchant Card Services and Payment Platforms

2. Telecom and Technology

3. Logistics and Freight

4. Energy (Electric and Gas)

5. Commercial Insurance

6. Payroll/ Human Resources/ PEO Services

7. Financial Services

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